Hello, I am John Cordina – owner and Managing Director of Hydro Produce, and I would like to welcome you to our website.

The Hydro Produce story begins with family. Starting as a small farm business in the 1940’s, we have grown into a national business and a leader in fresh produce production and supply. With knowledge passed on through the generations – I am now proud to have led the company since 2010 after my father retired.

At Hydro Produce we have one mission, to deliver the best and freshest produce to the plates of Australian’s every day. We supply supermarkets and independent retailers with both hydroponically grown and field grown produce.

We grow and harvest many lines of produce we showcase here at our hydroponic farm at Peats Ridge on NSW’s Central Coast and our farm in Bundaberg QLD. We also source supply from our wider Hydro Produce family network throughout Australia.

At Hydro Produce we are in total control of the supply chain, from farm to delivery; we grow, harvest, pack, and manage our transport. Ensuring only the best from our farms and growers across Australia.

Our packing and storage operations are based in Sydney and operate all year round for the convenience of our customers and to guarantee we deliver on our mission each and every day.

Thanks for coming to visit our website and be sure to head over to our recipes section. I’m sure you’ll leave feeling inspired to get into the kitchen and create a culinary masterpiece.


John Cordina
Owner and Managing Director

A day in the life

John Cordina

Article - The Boots of a Farming Boss
Article - The Boots of a Farming Boss
Article - The Boots of a Farming Boss
Article - The Boots of a Farming Boss

What is


What is


Hydroponics is simply growing plants with nutrients and water without the need for soil. The water and nutrients are delivered directly to the plants root system.
There are two types of hydroponic growing techniques

Nutrient Film Technique
NFT is a system where a very shallow stream of water & nutrient mix is recirculated past the bare root of the plant in a watertight gully. The depth of the stream is very shallow, hence the name ‘nutrient film’.

Neutral medium
This technique has the product planted in a neutral medium to hold the plant upright. There are many types of neutral mediums, Hydro Produce uses Coco Peat (the husks of coconuts) The root ball receives required nutrients from the water supply that is fed directly to the root ball through a drip irrigation system.

Benefits of growing hydroponically

  • Hydroponically grown plants use water efficiently. The water is recycled using 10% of the water it takes to grow in soil.
  • Hydroponically grown plants require much less land surface – A hydroponic greenhouse can produce as much plant matter as a conventional field ten times the size.
  • Hydroponics requires no soil whatsoever eliminating any soil borne pests or diseases.
  • Because hydroponic greenhouses are environmentally controlled, the need for herbicides and pesticides are greatly reduced.
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Hydro Produce farms are located across Australia
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