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  • Announcing Chef Baba Cookbook - Pre-Order Now
  • One-Pan Sweet Potato & Kale, a colourful and hearty dish perfect for breakfast or anytime of the day!  www.hydroproduce.com.au
  • A simple and fresh classic Nicoise salad with a modern take that will make you wanting seconds.  www.hydroproduce.com.au
  • Bursting with flavour, this Cauliflower Pesto Salad is great as a side or even as a meal on its own.  www.hydroproduce.com.au
  • Kale, olive and goat's cheese tart – perfect for lunch or served as an entrée.  www.hydroproduce.com.au
  • Light, vibrant and healthy these Zucchini noodles make a great substitute for pasta noodles.  www.hydroproduce.com.au

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