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Our Approach

To Growing

Hydro Produce uses two different growing methods; hydroponics and soil raised. Both offer practical and sustainable benefits to the environment and our customers.

We always deliver safe, clean produce that is superior in quality – this is our day-to-day focus. And we are proud of the products we grow and send to stores each day.

Hydroponically speaking:

  • We grow more with LESS: Our leafy hydroponic crops have 10% of the water needs compared to soil grown crops.
  • We control the process: Unlike field-grown produce, hydroponics are grown in a controlled environment. Protecting our produce from soil born pests and diseases – meaning fewer inputs and more consistent results.
  • We deliver clean products cutting down on your prep time: With no excess soil or excess washing our customers enjoy fresh easy to use grit free produce.
  • We produce products with better flavour: Hydroponically grown produce when compared with field grown produce has shown to have more flavour and better texture.

There are of course some crops we cannot grow hydroponically such as Root Vegetables, Corn and Sweet Potato. But our quality control ensures you get the best from our farms across Australia.

All produce is harvested on demand and delivered daily to our Sydney based packing and dispatch facility. We pack and send to stores 362 days of the year to ensure only the freshest Hydro Produce is available on the shelf.

Discover our produce range and be inspired by our recipes to create your next meal.

From our family to your table – ENJOY!

We live fresh.