Sweet Sweet Love

One of our nearest and dearest, Sweet Potatoes! There is just something about fields of sweet potatoes and it’s rich red soils that have us by the heartstrings.

Our love for sweet potatoes goes back 30 years with a deep connection to the land, our farming families continuously work to behold the farming traditions from the generations before us.  We take great pride in the thought we’re filling the boots of our predecessors in order to grow and maintain the land in our care. Times have definitely changed since the beginning as we embrace innovation along the way, with technological advancements to improve the efficiency of the farm and trialing new varieties to provide the best possible product to serve customers. 

Sweet potatoes are known to be a sub-tropical plant, they love the sun and rich nutritious soils, this is why we choose to grow our crops in the deep red soils of Bundaberg QLD and Cudgen NSW. Hard work and determination goes into growing these beauties as they can be in the ground for up to 6 months before harvest. Once harvested they are washed, dried and shipped directly to supermarkets or to our packing facilities. 

One harvested crop can produce a range of different sized sweet potatoes from extra small to extra large and everything in between, and we find a home for every single one! To ensure we make use of our whole crops, we supply various sizes. Small sweet potatoes are perfect for roasting whole and stuffed. Whilst larger sizes are great to chop into chunks and roast or peel and create a sweet mash or soup.


Sweet potatoes the good carbohydrate! Carbohydrates tend to get a bad rep, but sweet potatoes have the “good” type of carb – complex carbohydrates which pretty much means they provide a source of energy released at a steady pace. Sweet potatoes are also rich in antioxidants and packed with vitamins A, B6 and C which help maintain healthy skin and immune system; but it doesn’t end there they are also a source of pantothenic acid which helps contribute to a healthy brain and nervous system.

What we grow …

Gold Sweet Potatoes

Golden goodness with its smooth orange skin and bright orange flesh is the most popular variety amongst Australians. Being one of the most versatile varieties and ultimate healthy pantry stable gold sweet potatoes are great pretty much for anything –  salads, mash, soup, roasted and even desserts.

Purple Sweet Potatoes

Smooth purple skin, bright white flesh and a sweeter flavour than our gold sweet potatoes. They are perfect for roasts and even added to salads.

Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes

Creamy coloured skin with vibrant purple-flecked flesh. Much like Purple Sweet Potatoes, the Hawaiian variety is sweeter than the Gold Sweet Potato. Perfect addition to roast dinners, chopped and roasted.

Sweet potatoes are versatile, delicious and easy to cook. Here are just some of our go-to dishes:

Our picks for small sweet potatoes:

Our picks for large sweet potatoes:

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Live fresh! Enjoy.