Summer Blends – Our Fave Fruit & Veggie Juice & Smoothie Recipes

Quench your thirst and cool off in the summer heat with these refreshing juices and smoothies. Not only are they are a tasty treat but they are healthy too! So, put your juicer and blender to work for a simple and easy way of getting in a delicious serving of fresh fruits and veggies.

Of course tweaks can be made to recipes to fit your taste with such a huge variety of fresh produce through the summer months the possibilities are endless!

Our favourite vegetable to add is Kale! Hydro Produce grow Kale two ways; soil grown and hydroponically. We love our Kale for good reason after all it is a nutritional powerhouse, a great fibre booster and source of vitamin C, A & K. Discover more about Kale, check out our RAW TALK post All hail Kale – the Queen of Greens.


  • orangeKale, Carrot & Ginger – Zing! Add immune boosting goodness to your every day – giving back to your body is this easy & delicious!
  • pink-strawA glass full of pure sunshine – a crisp and refreshing flavour combination of kale, pineapple and mint creating the ultimate thirst quenching drink.

  • berry

    What a pick me up! Superfoods unite, Kale, Strawberries and Apples blended to make a sweet combination.

  • beetA glass of antioxidants and vitamins A, C and K our kale and beetroot super smoothie is the perfect inclusion to any detox. Add fresh ginger for little zing.
  • dark-green-blue-straw

    How great have mangoes been this year! Add a little mango magic combined with superfood Kale and a knob of Ginger this recipe is delightful for breakfast. Add chia seeds for extra fibre.

  • red-strawFull of nutrition and deliciousness, this creamy banana and kale smoothie is the perfect energy boost. A tried, tested and winning recipe with kids too. Add chia seeds for extra protein.


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