Lettuce Explain

So many Lettuce types but aren’t they all the same we hear you say! Nope that’s not the case, each lettuce type has its own characteristics and “best for” usage. 

A hero product for our business, lettuce is something Hydro Produce has been growing for many decades now and after all this time we think we know lettuce pretty well! Innovation is one key element that ensures we continue to grow great lettuce, be it trialling new varieties to find the next hero for our range or simply working on growing more product with less inputs. When it comes to new varieties not everything makes the shelf and we often go through years of trials and run sample product through various testing platforms before we even consider giving it the tick of approval. 

Whichever lettuce type you prefer, lettuce comes packed with essential nutrients and can be used in so many meal types. Below we take you through popular lettuce types that Hydro Produce grows and sells to supermarkets and greengrocers Australia wide. 

Firstly, let’s talk about how we grow and harvest lettuce …

We grow both hydroponic and field grown lettuce types here at Hydro Produce. Some like Cos and Iceberg we chop the roots off at the point of harvest, Little Gems we chop the roots off at the point of packing and some like Oakleaf we leave with the root ball on which is why we call this type Living Lettuce. Leaving the roots on allows for nutrients to continue to supply nourishment and help our more delicate lettuce types stay alive, meaning you get a  fresher product for longer.

Lettuce us roll through what we grow …


Soft, tender leaves and beautiful colours make Oakleaf lettuce a great base to leafy salads. With its ruffled leaves, it works beautifully to hold salad dressings.

Oakleaf lettuce is most commonly found to be vibrant green, a deep burgundy-red or a combination of the two (sometimes referred to as Salad Oakleaf). We sell a Combo Oakleaf which has little more magic to it with the two seeds bringing together a combination of the green and red making it perfect for those salads that you want to see pop with colour.

Little Gems

Possibly our favourite lettuce! 

Tender little palm-sized leaves, sweet in taste from the tip to the tail. Little Gem Lettuce is ideal for lettuce cups great for entertaining or a healthy lunch option to hold sandwich fillings in place of bread. It’s also great chopped for any salad. Grown hydroponically, packed and sent to stores as a twin pack making it great value. 

Cos Hearts

Cos lettuce apart from Iceberg lettuce is probably the most commonly known lettuce type. It is field grown all year round, this lettuce is known for its long upright head and crisp leaves making it a breeze to chop. It is the one you usually find in caesar salad, we also recommend this lettuce chopped for tacos and burritos bowls too.


Field grown lettuce famous for being part of the Chinese dish San Choy Bau, crisp and crunchy to eat the Iceberg lettuce continues to be a lettuce that presents great value for money. Try it chopped for salads, or peel the leaves away for sandwiches and wraps. Available all year round. 

Frilled Burger

Our newest addition to our lettuce range, used in restaurants and cafes for creating the ultimate Burger. Frilled Burger lettuce has a perfectly flat leaf for that ideal burger base and a frilly edge for texture. Great for sandwiches and wraps too. This product is grown on demand, if you are interested in ranging this lettuce in your store or if you are in foodservice please contact marketing@hydroproduce.com.au for more information.

Now for some lettuce inspiration! 

Our picks for summer salads:

Our picks for entertaining:

Our picks for quick and easy midweek meals:

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Live fresh! Enjoy.